In this role, my role profile included the following:

  • To develop and co-ordinate a broad range of personal development and improvement programmes, specifically for Cork Simon Community’s service users and residents’.
  • Research and survey the leisure and occupational needs and interests of service users and residents.
  • Identify resources and supports available in the local communities around Cork.
  • Plan and schedule group activities, information sessions, etc.
  • Identify the resources required to carry out the annual plan including: volunteers required, facilities required including transport, venues. Identify the cost associated with each activity and build this into the annual budget.
  • Provide support and supervision for all activities team members including CE, interns, volunteers and students.  Organise the team & ensure completion of time sheets.
  • Ensure Health and Safety polices and procedures are adhered to. Work to best practice standards and guidelines.
  • Major focus on encouraging and facilitating those who are hard to reach to engage in the activities programme on both a harm reduction level and a personal development level. Encourage Service Users and residents to explore possibilities of moving on to more structured educational and work programmes through referrals to the Employment & Training Facilitator.
  • Co-ordinate and attend as required activities geared towards service users and residents’ personal development. Co-ordinate and attend as required day trips and theme events for service users and residents. Develop new activities in line with changing needs and preferences of service users/residents
  • Publicise and promote events and activities internally.
  • Encouraging, co-ordinating submissions and publishing, for Community Newsletter from service users and residents.